Offgrid Citizen Assistance Lab

"HP Common Service Lab" is an integration of e-education, e-health & e-citizen services built over standard 40 ft ISO shipping container and could operate on a turnkey solution providing services across hard to reach locations with limited or no infrastructure support.

The offerings of these Readily Deployable, Self -Contained, Internet-Enabled and Solar-Powered Common Service Lab includes Remote Health Consultation & Diagnosis through Health Kiosk, Digital Literacy Training, EDP Training for youth, E education for students (K-12), Common Citizenship Activities, Video conferencing for specific groups etc."

Powered by HP’s cloud-enabled solutions , HP Common Services Lab are designed to change the way services are provide to the citizens in remote locations.

40 ft long standard ISO shipping container.
Telemedicine consultation, OPDs & diagnostics.
Video-conferencing and remote trainings.
EDP training for youth.K-12 eContent for students.
HP Classroom Manager and other software suites.
4.0 KVA solar panels for off-grid connectivity.
30,800 training hours capacity annually per unit.
Common citizen service and digital literacy training.
Equipped with 14 HP Thin Clients, Workstation, printer and others.