The new age classroom for the new generation

Future Classroom 2.0 is the upgraded version of HP Lab in a box which was developed in 2011 in response to the Government’s agenda to implement more creative, sustainable and inclusive models of education. The current version is now completely offgridsolar-powered, computing and learning center that overcomes the power, space, infrastructure and equipment challenges currently faced by schools in India.

Built over standard 30 ft ISO shipping container, Future Classroom could operate on a turnkey solution providing services across hard to reach locations with limited or no infrastructure support.The offerings of these Readily Deployable, Self -Contained, Internet-Enabled and Solar-Powered Future Classroom 2.0 includes Digital Literacy Training, EDP Training for youth, E education for students (K-12), Common Citizenship Activities, Video conferencing for specific groups etc."

30 ft long standard ISO shipping container.
EDP training for youth, K-12 eContent for students.
3.15 KVA solar panels for off-grid connectivity.
Equipped with 16 HP Thin Clients,Workstation,Office Jet all-in-one printer and others.
35,200 training hours capacity annually per unit.
Common citizen service and digital literacy training.
Video-conferencing and remote trainings.
HP Classroom Manager and other software suites.