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Chennai Center Employees Volunteer to Teach

2nd April 2018' Chennai. We are always passionate about giving back to our community and making it a better place to live. Here is the best example of what our employees have done from Chennai site. Panchayat Union Primary School, located in rural area of Kolapakkam, Chennai which accommodates 122 kids for primary education between Grade 1 to 5 was visited by 10+ volunteers. Volunteers on interacting with the school principal, realized the need of awareness sessions for the kids. Our volunteers conducted sessions on wellness, nutrition, balanced diet, importance of personal hygiene and basic road safety measures.

There was a special session on arts & crafts for girl kids. Girls kids enthusiastically learned on making jewellery with quilling paper strips. Kids were enthusiastic, excited and interactive throughout the sessions. The Principal of the school was much surprised with the feedback that she heard from the kids post the sessions. It was good to see that kids started to follow the key take away from the session on nutrition and personal hygiene. Towards end of the session, color pencils were provided to the kids as a token of love and it was appreciated by the kids and Principal.