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Craft Fair

16th Dec 2019. HP India Sales Pvt. Ltd. Pantnagar and Jubilant Bhartia Foundation took the initiative of conducting a Craft Fair in one of the Muskaan School. The theme of the craft fair was Best Out Of Waste. The fair was conducted as a creative session to make the students realize about the environment and guide them to inculcate eco-friendly behavior. The session began with the definition of waste, what kinds of waste are generated at home and school and what are the different types of waste. After the students identified different kinds of waste in school they were asked to think of creative ways to reuse it. Students used chart papers, newspapers, old drawing sheets and cardboard boxes to make different types of artistic decorations. After the exercise the children were told to develop habits that results in minimum waste generation. The session ended on the note that we need to be conscious of the hazardous impact waste has on the environment and pledge to reduce it. Chocolates were distributed to all for their participation.

Location: J.H.S Patterchata
Volunteering Hours: 8
Beneficiaries: 20