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Educational Tour - Planetarium

11th May 2019. As part of the 40 Days of doing good initiative, we had organized for an Educational Tour with 40 rural students in Bangalore, Karnataka which covered Planetarium and Technological Museum . This was very enlightening for them as this was the first time they were brought for a educational trip. Planetarium Show- The programme “Dawn of the Space Age” which is a Mirrordome+ show with special visual effects providing the immersive experience of space travel. Most importantly, the show was in local language and students could relate most of it to their acedemics. Technological Museum : The Museum has seven permanent exhibition halls and two special exhibits. Some of the technologies were : Engine Hall - How things work , Electro-technic , Fun Science , Space Technology Gallery , Biotechnological Revolution , Hall of Electronics , Science for Children. Kids were thrilled to watch all these exhibits. They even carried a book and a pen to note down all that they saw. Overall, it was a wonderful time spent with students of 8th - 10th grade and our volunteers enjoyed the Joy of giving experience.

Volunteering Hours: 40
Beneficiaries: 40