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Government School Face-lift

28th May 2019. HP Muskan Project – Chennai Volunteers facilitates a better place for education School is said to be the second home for any one and it is heavenly to have a better place for education. HP Supply Chain and Analytics team led by Ramesh Rajagopalan has always been taking continuous efforts in giving back to community as part of the CSR. One of the Government aided school located in rural area of Chennai where more than 400 kids are getting support for primary education needs a facelift and tables/chairs. The need of the principal was taken to SCOAH management and India CSR team appropriately and around 50+ volunteers came forward to give a facelift for the school. It was just a magical 4 days with these volunteers and leadership team, the complete school was cleaned up, 10+ classrooms were painted covering 8000 Sq. ft of area, more than 10+ trees were planted. Apart from face-lifting, we have sponsored 35 Desk and tables and sports kit like cricket bat, Badminton rackets, Volley ball, Football etc. At the end of day 4 of the facelift, the school principal looked at her school with surprise and he was happy that kids would have a better place for education for next 5 years and kids’ parents too will be satisfied on a good environment. He thanked HP Leadership team and all volunteers for all efforts in making the school completely revamped.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Volunteering Hours: 360
Beneficiaries: 400