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Har Aangan Main Ped

30th Jul 2019. In the wake of climate change that is affecting the environment and the forest cover depleting day by day HP Panthnagar and Jubilant Bhartia Foundation took on the initiative called 'Har Aangan Mein Ped' to plant saplings in one of the Muskaan school. The purpose behind the initiative was to make students inculcate environmental friendly behavior and motivate people in their surrounding to do same. Employees from Pantnagar joined hands with the students ,teachers, Student Management Committee(SMC) and Gram Pradhan in not only planting saplings but talking about the issues. To show their responsibility towards the cause the students organized a short program centered around the theme of plantation. For their efforts in actively engaging for the cause each student was given a small token of appreciation. This initiative was an action against fighting the environmental degradation as Greeta Thunberg had said in her speech in EU Parliament we have to "act as if our house is on fire".

Location: U.P.S Vidora
Volunteering Hours: 40
Beneficiaries: 58