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HP Inc. India Bangalore Initiates Lake Rejuvenation Project.

5th April 2018’ Bengaluru. All the chaos and disturbance of urban living quietly gets washed away when you stand in front of a lake and allow its spirit to engulf you. Lakes are important to our ecosystem and they help as ready water sources, fishing, biodiversity conservation areas and help natural balance preserving reservoirs. Bengaluru is drying up and from about 1,790 + lakes, we seem to be down to a few hundred because of rapid urbanization.

Following this concern and being a responsible corporate entity, HP CS APJ CC Team Bengaluru lead by 72 volunteers initiated “Vabasandra Lake Rejuvenation Project” in collaboration with Saytrees. The project aims at Recharging Ground Water along with improving the local Flora & Fauna of the region. The target is to bring back the lake to life before monsoon so that the lake can hold rain water. The project would involve desilting, making bund around the lake and cleaning the water inlet channels to increase the quantum of water inflow into the lake. Thousands of saplings will also be planted all around the lake boundary to create an amazing ecosystem. Separate recreational space would also be created and the lake would further be home to thousands of trees, birds, butterflies and reptiles in times to come improving the local Environment & Biodiversity.

This event was followed by lake cleaning activities where all the volunteers joined hands and cleared the plastics from the plantation area found in the banks of the lake. The Inauguration ceremony included Bhoomi puja which was carried out in presence of Mr Lu Yan Director HP CS APJ CC, Mr Manish Batra Director CDCB, Sadat Fatima Tower head Support Delivery, James Swain Tower Head PMO Team and Harish A N Tower head Support Enablement .