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“HP- Innovation Incubator Project” Launched @ IIT- BHU

Following its vision to create new possibilities for technology to help individuals, businesses and communities thrive, HP Inc. India recently initiated “Innovation Incubator” project at IIT- BHU as part of its CSR program. The main objective of the program is to extend the legacy of HP and create an innovation mind-set among the IIT-BHU students further enabling them to solve problems of commercial and/or social impact. It also enables the faculty members to become creators of a sustainable innovation ecosystem. The project is open to all graduate and undergraduate students of IIT-BHU, especially B.Tech students. The representative topics in the social stream is around SDG Goals and technical stream is in the areas of 3D Printing, Immersive Experience and Network Security.

Project scope now covers Students from B.Tech 2nd and 3rd year (Technical Impact) & Multidisciplinary (Social Impact). The project would be divided into two phases wherein in the first phase students will be encouraged to innovate & the conceptual research experience will be introduced to them. In the second phase, various workshops, seminars etc will be conducted and the best fit solution (project) will be selected, developed and assisted by identified partners for its implementation.

The Innovation Incubator project @IIT- BHU is being implemented through Nalanda Foundation and Dristikona.