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Hulimangala Govt Scholl

1st Oct 2019. We, as volunteers of Spandana, are proud to announce that on 23rd October 2019, we made a significant contribution to 2 schools in Bangalore - Doddathogur and Hulimangala Govt School, which will help in shaping the future of students there. HP inaugurated the very first Smart Classes in the 2 schools. Vineet Gupta, Director, HPIT was present to inaugurate the smart classes in Doddathogur School and Tom Panattil, Director, HPIT inaugurated the same in Hulimangala Govt School. Needless to say students, teachers and volunteers were equally excited. Dileep, our HR took this opportunity to explain to the students what HP is all about, how it started and what we do. Keeping with the standards of HP, the equipment provided were best in class and worked without a glitch. We had a small presentation for the students about HP. There were also some exciting goodies to be won in a small HP quiz! It was great to see the children’s eyes light up when the projector was switched on. Afterwards, we distributed sweets and pens to the senior students and pencils to the junior ones. Spandana has been at the forefront this year in providing the much needed support to such schools and we plan to be even more involved in the upcoming months. We have seen great involvement from the employees in initiatives like these . We wish the students an amazing learning journey and hope this initiative by HP Social Impact program provides them a level playing field.

Location: Hulimangala Govt. School
Volunteering Hours: 88
Beneficiaries: 50