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Immadihalli School Initiative

30th Nov 2018. HP R&D Center Bangalore is partnering with Rotary (Bangalore IT Corridor) and Whitefield Ready in adopting the Immadihalli Government High School to support the school across various needs. English literacy is one such need where HP R&D volunteers can play a key role – and here again, we are partnering with 40K+ and utilizing their tab-based program to enable an experiential and fun learning environment. On December 7th, 2018 we inaugurated this partnership with a small group of HP volunteers visiting the school and interacting with the students and the staff and engaging them in games that would help boost their English fluency. While the games ranged from image associations to snakes & ladders to Uno-like card games, which was enjoyed by the students and volunteers alike, the volunteers also got an opportunity to try out the tab-based learning plan which will be the focus of the partnership and volunteering efforts over the next few months. This event really laid the way for the respective teams to establish connections and familiarity – we now look forward to a very fruitful and enriching experience via the Immadihalli School Adoption partnership.

Location: Immadihalli, Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Volunteering Hours: 88
Beneficiaries: 12