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Karunashraya Visit Slot1

13th Aug 2019. The day started with the hectic job of beating Bangalore traffic to reach Karunashraya. Once there, we were given a brief of what the organization was doing. Stories of what the cancer patients and the caregivers go through there brought left most of us in tears. We started with a cultural program where the mobile inmates were engaged. Dance and singing performances, following by the game of housie. Kannada speaking volunteers helped us communicate better with the inmates and they did a great job engaging our audience. Post this, HP employee volunteered in various chores like cleaning solar panels, arranging the gift store and with a variety of work in the kitchen. It was worth half a day and we all returned with a heavy but content heart of the joy we could spread and gratefulness of the gift of a healthy life we get to enjoy!

Location: Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Volunteering Hours: 216
Beneficiaries: 30