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More than 2000 Government Schools Get Smart Classrooms through HP ALFA


The vital role that technology plays in present-day education is undeniable. However, a large population of individuals have limited or no access to technology and thereby miss out on important educational content.

HP ALFA (Accessible Learning for All) Project is one unique initiative HP India launched to reduce this digital divide and empower students across Government and Government-aided schools with digital classrooms, further improving their access to digital learning. The project is aligned with the work areas of the Ministry of Education, Govt. of India, especially the NEP-2020 vision, NETF, and NDEAR goal. As part of the project, HP India set up over 2000+ digital classrooms pan-India in 2023, and each HP ALFA digital classroom contains digital screens, content devices, computing devices, printers, and other equipment to integrate technology into learning.