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Sports Day Organized at Singasandra Govt School, Bangalore

Sports play a very vital Role in the development of Mental Strength and Physical Fitness of a Body. Being a student one gets tired of daily Routine hectic work and needs recreation as well which is best attained in the form of Sports. Only Education does not fulfill the Criteria of being well organized social member of Society. Sports are very important for the overall growth of students, as during sports, they learn and built many abilities like decision making, team working and others. Sports also keep students physically active and help students to grow their mental ability.

Considering the same, Sports day for school students was organized at Singasandra Govt School, Bangalore on 23rd, Jan, 2018. A large number of students (130) participated in 14 different activities like sack race, musical chairs, lemon race etc. 28 students were awarded with the prizes for securing 1st and 2nd place in different activities. The event was organized as part of HP- JBF “Muskaan School Support Program” wherein HP is trying to improve the quality of education and learning level outcomes in few Govt schools at Bangalore.