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Thummanahalli School Visit

14th Feb 2019. Our HP team reached the venue which is in a village near Bangalore International Airport (Sidlaghatta Taluk) at about 10am and were warmly welcomed by the school staff, children and a few families from the village. Following this, the inauguration of water plant was done by Sai Ivaturi, Director APJ Category Operations & Social Impact Executive Lead and Sathyanarayana K, E-Prime Site Lead for Social Impact & CS. This event was attended by the Block Education Officer of Sidlaghatta Taluk, Shri. Chandrashekar Babu, in the presence of the Head Mistress of Tummanahalli Govt. School, Smt. Rukmani & some Government officials like the Cluster Resource Person and the Local Panchayat Head.Later, Sai Ivaturi and Sathyanarayana addressed the audience, highlighting HP’s contribution to the society in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly in the field of Education for the betterment of the students from rural villages. Our HP Volunteers spent time with the children teaching them the basics of computers & personal hygiene sessions for the higher grades, while the tiny tots were engaged in some sport activities. The enthusiasm and the dedication shown by our volunteers along with excellent event preparation led to a successful and an seamless event.

Location: Thummanahalli, Karnataka, India
Volunteering Hours: 160
Beneficiaries: 195