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Tree Plantation Drive

24th Jun 2019. Mulkere ( a lake located in the village of Kannamangala, Whitefield), is a huge water resource for more than 8000 people. In the past couple of years,the lake has been shrinking from 18 acres of water expanse to 6 acres and this is adversely affecting the groundwater levels. A major step in saving this lake is tree plantation around the lake area. The learning doesn't end here, the students will be further engaged in poster making and essay writing activities to help them consolidate their learnings and to encourage more discussions on the importance of environmental conservation. This will be facilitated by HP volunteers and the school staff, in the following month. • HP Employees and school children planted about 500+ trees around Kannamangala lake, in about 2 hours. • We had 200+ students who participated in the Event.

Location: Mulkere, Kannamangala (Whitefield)
Volunteering Hours: 432
Beneficiaries: 250